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I have the new real time software in hand! David did a great job with the X, Y mode and GPS mode. I will not have the software available for download because it will only work with the Arc-Geo Loggers and will have to be registered. I hope to have some video's up soon showing it's use. All new loggers are shipped with the real time software except the arc-geo mini.


Arc-Geo Mini - Will not support the real time feature because of firmware restrictions.


Arc-Geo Looger - Can use the real time software. You will have to send your unit in for a firmware update and is free under warranty. You pay shipping both ways. If your logger is out of warranty the upgrade is $100.00.


Arc-Geo Pro - Can use the real time software. The unit will need  firmware and a hardware upgrade. Under warranty firmware updates are free. Hardware upgrades are not. You pay shipping both ways. Hard ware upgrade is a USB port and new faceplate for 150.00. If your unit is out of warranty the firmware update is 100.00.


New real time software using X, Y mode.                 Download USB Drivers


If you want to update your unit please email me and let me know.


- Tim

New Updated Software!


New Terrasuveyor Lite ver 3.0.246 software. Use this software for realtime logging and downloading. Download Software....


Fast Download using Data Logging option...