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Earth Field NMR frequency program (EFNMR). This program is free.


This program uses the NT values from the National Geophysical data center.


After you input the value, then select any element for the isotope frequencies.


Compounds/alloys are available to purchase.


You will be able to keep a list of compounds and edit as needed.


Each compound/alloy is $20.00


Profiles allows you to keep a list of all your site NT values and recall them as needed.


These frequencies can be used with the LRL500and the new EFNMR2015. Best results IC mode.


Download EFNMR Program


Watch video on how to use EFNMR..


You can input your country and nearest city or the GPS location of your site for the NT value.


In the USA your zip code will do.


You need to press "Compute Magnetic Field Values".


You want to use the total field value in red and put in the NT value on the software.


Alloy Examples are; Gold (Au) 10k, 14k, and 18k. Silver (Ag) Sterling. Pewter and other mixed metals.


Examples of Compounds are; Medications, explosives, Elements found in raw form. Visited this site for elements in raw form and thier locations.


Bezsmertnovite  78.56%  Au Au4Cu(Te,Pb) is gold found in raw form and is 78% gold with copper, Tellurium and lead.




You can look at this site and see the mineral deposits in your area. Send me the chemical formula for the frequency. Or if you need a alloy you can view this site. http://www.csudh.edu/oliver/chemdata/alloys.htm


Very good results from customers that have purchased compounds/alloys. 2 test results yield Cu 96.5% and Ag 92% from test samples using the EFNMR and the LRL500! That 2 rich deposits of copper and silver.


All customer information is confidental.


Here are some free compounds to play with. Put Name, and EFNMR value on next line

like shown then save.


Table Salt (ClNa) EFNMR Value 8.908919316.

Aspirin (C9H8O4) EFNMR Value 10.072.

Purchase Compound/Alloy

($20.00 each) or (7 for $100.00)


Please send formula or percent of elements of desired compound/alloy.



EFNMR excel sheet for use in any app that can display excel. The excel EFNMR does the same as the computer program but can be used in a phone or pad. The list in yellow is used for the new EFNMR2015 unit. By setting the nt to 50000, then use the number on the left of the decimal for compound/alloys in the unit. The frequency is shown in the green field.


This excel file comes with the purchase of the EFNMR unit.


Like the computer program, put the nt value in and it sets all the known elements for that area.


I use DocsToGo for Iphone and Ipad.


After getting many request for this excel file, I decided to allow purchasing of the file. If you use your own system, This file will run in any excel program on your phone or ipad. Price: $20.00 Use the paypal button to purchase and include your email and full name. I will send you a zip file with password.