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The Arc-Geo Logger is the most popular and allows you to use a metal detector to log the sound output signal from the headphone jack. Then the data can be downloaded to a PC and displayed in a grid fashion to show all target locations within the plotted area. The software ASLT is used for ground resistivity and shows the data from the logger similar to a ground resistivity grid. This is a first for a metal detector owner to log data and have a hard copy of a site for later reference. The poor man’s GPR!


The Arc-Geo Logger was designed around the TF-900 detector by Discovery and can be used with many detectors on the market today! Here is a list of detectors that has been tested so far with the Arc-Geo Logger: Whites, Garrett, Tesoro, Deepstar PI and most any detector with a headphone connection! Sense the detector is the sensor part of the unit depth, discrimination and other settings only add to the ability of the logger. 






  • Microchip 16f877 Micro-controller handles all functions.
  • USB Mini data port
  • Daylight visible LCD.
  • LCD backlight for nighttime use.
  • 4 banks of 4k total 16k.
  • Max 4 grids per bank.
  • Adjustable X, Y grid sizes up to bank limit. (45x45) Or any combination of X, Y.
  • Down load data to PC link.
  • Mini headphone jack.
  • Light and easy to carry.
  • Low battery LCD readout.
  • Power 8-AA battery pack.
  • Water proof Seahorse case.
  • Auto/manual logging mode switch. Auto - samples once a second as you walk.
  • 5 Year warranty parts and labor. You just pay shipping both ways.
  • Serial Cable
  • Stereo Male-Male Detector Interface Cable
  • Real Time Logging


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