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I started this site in 2003 with the LRL500 long range locator. I have been building and testing MFD systems sense 1985. Dowsing is a controversial subject on many forums but I have found silver and gold. Sense then I designed the Arc-Geo Logger imaging system for metal detectors. This unit allows you to see the targets in the ground, their positions and shapes!


I designed the loggers to accept audio input so you could use different types of metal detectors and most any equipment with an audio output. This gives you many options of equipment to use with the loggers.


I also designed a unit for resistivity called the GCG. You can use the GCG alone or with the Arc-Geo to log the data for display. I am proud to say that I have had zero returns and no problems with my equipment sense I began! With a full 5 year warranty parts and labor, you can't go wrong.


Why purchase from me?


I was the first in metal detector imaging. My systems are proven to work with  recoveries to 16ft. I design and build these units. I can answer all your questions and give you support one on one. I have units all over the world being used in many different applications.


I only had one unit returned for a switch problem since 2003 and was repaired at no cost to the user. I offer a full 5 year warranty. All firmware upgrades are free under warranty. Free shipping in the USA. I listen to my customers and will work with you if you need something special added to your logger.


What is an Arc-Geo Logger? The arc-geo loggers use the headphone connection from any audio source and logs the sound output against an X, Y pattern. The data is downloaded into a computer for viewing. It's an imaging system for metal detectors, mags or any audio source. Now with the realtime software and logger upgrade you can do realtime imaging!


You can cover large areas in a little time and view the plot. Keep detail records of your sites. In short, saves you time and money.



LRLMAN's is a division of "TW Specialty LLC".


Please feel free to visit anytime and thanks for coming by. -- Tim --